Downloadable Plans – Woodworker Bench V1


Downloadable version of my “Mother of all workbenches”.  This with the Table Saw centered in the table.


By popular demand, I’ve documented the build for my all-in-one workbench….what I call the MOAWB (Mother of All Workbenches), and I offer them for sale here as a digital download. This is a complete PDF document that describes the assembly steps and plans to build your own MOAWB.

The plans are best viewed when printed to 11×17 paper, however you can view them directly on your PC or Tablet with a simple PDF viewer.

The plans and assembly instructions will give you all the guidance you’ll need to build and customize your own workbench.

This workbench is highly customizable…and so the dimensions provided are offered as a general guide. You will want to modify the table height, saw openings and such to fit your comfortable working height, and the tools you’ll be mounting on the table.

Got a special request? Feel free to contact me about rates for customization!


1: These plans and instructions are not recommended for the beginner woodworker.
2: All dimensions in this document and plans set are RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY. You are responsible for adjusting the dimensions to fit your needs
3. You are free to modify the dimensions to suit your specific needs, however the concept and designs remain the intellectual property of Jim Grimes and Humble Wood Decor. You may not
reproduce, rebrand or redistribute this document, or the attached design plans without express written permission of the author.
4. As detailed, this project produces a large bench that will occupy a large amount of floor space. You are responsible for ensuring that the bench fits the space you will be working in.
5. Safety: You are responsible for your own workplace safety. You are responsible for following the manufacturers safety protocols and recommendations for the tools you use to build this

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