Woodworker Bench Plans Version 2


Downloadable plans for our Woodworker bench.  This version helps you build your own table with provisions for a side-oriented table saw.


This is Version 2 of the popular Woodworker Bench plans. This version of the bench is tailored to the Dewalt DCS7485T1 – An expanding table saw that allows the user to expand and collapse the right side rip area to meet specific needs. This version of the bench has all of the same features as the original. It goes one step further by moving the opening for your table saw to the right side of one end so that you can fully use the features of your saw.

These plans contain everything you need to build the popular Woodworker’s All-in-One Bench. You get:
1. Shop drawings in PDF form, with dimensions and detail views
2. A materials list (recommended) to build the basic bench
3. Illustrated assembly instructions in PDF format. Includes snips from the drawings and photos.

With these drawings, you can build this bench during a weekend and you’ll be up and running.

The bench is big and provides plenty of room for customizations. Add shelves, pockets, hooks, etc.

Got questions? Once you’ve purchased and downloaded your plans, you may find that you have some questions regarding dimensions or assembly. Please reach out and allow me the opportunity to work with you.

Special Requests? If you have a specific set of tools and require a plan-set specific to your equipment, please contact me for a quote

This is a digital download…upon payment, you’ll receive a download link (from Etsy) where you’ll be able to get your file.

1. This bench is a highly customizable product and so the dimensions, and layouts are suggestions. The main features, like the miter saw and router table functionality depend on accurate measurements and adjustments. You are responsible for checking the dimensions of the power tools you’ll be mounting.
2. This is protected by copyright. You may not copy, distribute or resell the plans without the express written consent of Humble Wood Decors or its owner, Jim Grimes.
3. This digital download has a limited refund availability. If you are not satisfied with the product, you will have 3 days from date of purchase to initiate a return request.

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