The Urban Hunter

Picture the scene:  The suburbs – anywhere…..

At dawn the urban hunter prowls floors of his local hardware store or lumber yard, searching for and bagging the materials he needs for his projects.

Meanwhile the self-proclaimed weekend warrior sleeps in its bed….dreaming of fake-italian-named drinks that aren’t much more than heated milk, with flavors.  All the while, the Urban Hunter is out stalking his prey….the materials he needs to continue his ongoing labors.  That shovel to replace “old steel”, hangers to continue building that deck….hardware for some favorite boat project….he locates it all.  Quickly, efficiently.  Rapidly loading his cart….and checking out…even stops for coffee at the “real” coffee shop….you know…the one who calls it small, medium and large!  All before the weekend warrior can get its Prius charged and out the door.

“Who is this Urban Hunter” you ask?  I’ll tell you!

The Urban Hunter:  That person who grew up working on their cars, or building things.  The urban hunter is handy with tools….has used them all his life.  The Urban Hunter knows that a spade shovel is best for hard-rocky soils.

The Urban Hunter comes from a long line of Urban Hunters…..

Urban Hunters don’t just “become” Urban Hunters…..their born to it.  It’s in their genes

Some of the more successful and/or long-lived of us Urban Hunters may have gotten to the point where we now hire other Urban Hunters to help us in our tasks….but we’re still prepared and able to take on those tasks if necessary.  The Urban Hunter can will have a shop, workroom or garage of tools of varying types and ages.  Some may be generations old….some may have been purchased this morning.  It doesn’t matter, the Urban Hunter is prepared for almost anything!

So all-hail and long-live the Urban Hunter! 

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